One Call Fitness Repair

At one call fitness we are committed to keeping your equipment up and running. This means if we maintain your facility you are number 1 on our list if you have something go wrong. We cannot prevent breakdowns, but proper preventative maintenance will reduce the frequency and severity of breakdowns. Small problems can be discovered and corrected before they become the larger problem that cost downtime and more money. With our 24 hour guarantee we will be on site to diagnose any problem within 24 hours of you calling us letting us know that something is wrong with a machine.

With One Call we refer to preventive maintenance as just that. If your machines arnt being disassembled and completely cleaned inside than preventative maintenance is not being performed properly. Treadmills require approximately 30 minutes for proper maintenance. With One Call you get what you pay for. We don’t just wipe down the machine and wait for it to break.

We can tailor any agreement to meet your specific needs and budget restraints.


Cover cleaning, inspections, lubrications, belt cleaning, adjustments, as well as repair recommendations,

Included with our Maintenance agreements:

  • Thorough quality preventative maintenance
  • Online access to complete equipment history
  • Unparalleled response times reducing equipment down time
  • Highly trained technicians
  • Full time office staff to answer your phone calls during business hours.


When you choose to use our services we will schedule the dates of your service in advance, so you will not have to worry when your equipment will be maintained.

Also with one call fitness you will be provided with complete maintenance and repair records on all your equipment.  Complete records can assist you if a liability issue arises, or when making decisions about purchasing new equipment. We maintain a complete database (specifically designed for our customer needs) on all equipment we service, and we have backup records of the work performed on your equipment. We also maintain two million dollars of liability insurance policy to protect you in the remote case of our negligence.




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